Serving your communications needs

Mother Lode Answering Service has been providing State of the Art Answering since 1979. With simple beginnings in the basement of a building it has grown from the old fashioned cord board style with only a couple of operators, to a fully computerized and paperless system with up to 14 operators.

In 1991 we upgraded from the ancient cord boards to the Axon 8000 Paperless Message Call Center System. The system featured automatic call distribution with "Dynamic Call Reallocation" for fast call processing and an even workload, with all analog audio switching for clear voice communications.  The system recorded a variety of call statistics that were held in back-up for 5 years for retrieval of important information when needed. Below is a screenshot of that old DOS based screen our operators worked from. It displayed the incoming calls, their status and duration, the account information of the account currently being answered and the specialized message form for that particular account. The AXON at the time was state-of the art.

In 2001 Mother Lode Answering Service added an Exacom Voice Logger. That unit allowed us to record all conversations that took place with one of our operators. That unit was useful for quality control, operator monitoring and was a security backup as well for our clients in the event they ever need to refer back to a particular conversation. Also in 2001 we moved into a new much larger location on Shepherd St. (our current location).

Today our operators are  secure in a glass enclosed call center so the confidentiality of our clients calls are safe and secure away from the ears of our retail customers in our lobby. We even meet the strict "HIPAA" requirements for the confidentiality of our medical accounts.

In 2015, we upgraded every system again! Today we are completely digital and use a Dual Screen "Windows 8 Based Answering System", Computer Networks, Digital Call Recording, Audio & Video monitoring by management from remote locations for quality control, Automatic Fax, Automatic SMS Text, & Automatic Email Message Delivery, & More! We have even added a password protected log-in for our Remote Message Retrieval System so our clients can log-in directly to our system over the Internet and retrieve their messages and view all of their previous messages any time they need to! 

We utilize a Battery Back-up System as well as 2 Generator Back-ups for a triple redundancy system that keeps all of our systems up and running in the event of a power outage. So we go above and beyond the call of duty to insure the ability to answer for your business even if your business can't, and then we insure the quality of your information with the recording system, and then we back-up all information for 5 years just in case you need it later!  In fact, we take running your business as serious as you do, and typically we do it all for less than you would pay 1 receptionist to answer your phone for only 4 days a month at minimum wage!

So give us a try and you won't be disappointed.